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My name is Jesse. I'm a software developer and aspiring artist. I love using Midjourney and other tools to create art. This tool was created to solve a problem in my own workflow, and to allow me to scale my artwork creation workflow more easily. The time saving from downloading and organizing images is huge when you start generating a lot of images. I think you can also benefit from MJDownloader, and it pays for itself in time saved after one artistic session.

Disclaimer: MJD.ai is not affiliated with Discord, or Midjourney. MJDownloader is a third party tool created by me with help from friends and family.

Why is MJDownloader a great value?

MJDownloader starts saving you time and money from day 1. Here's how:

  • Time-Saving Features: Automated workflows, easy-to-use interface, and more to save you and your team's time.
  • Facilitates Collaboration: Having easy access to images helps you get started faster!
  • Fast ROI for Art Businesses: Spend less time managing and more time creating.
MJD in action!



Automatically download images generated from a Discord channel you administrate. This is great for saving artwork you make while on the move, or collaborating with a team.

Smart Categorization

Our bot intelligently categorizes grid images from non-grid images.

Grid Layout

Prompt Saving

Save your prompts into files for easy retrieval. Both daily, and running prompt lists.

Grid Layout

Detailed Logging and Auto-Tagging (experimental!)

Generate JSON file with detailed logging of prompt, timestamp, image url, image location, and Auto-tag based on your prompts for social media and easy searching.

Grid Layout

How It Works

  1. Download MJDownloader and run the installer.
  2. Create a channel in a Discord server.
  3. Create a Bot through Discord Developer console to aquire a bot Token and Client ID
  4. Input those values into MJD
  5. Start Bot!
  6. After trialing out the functioanlity, subscribe! (only $5/month for lots of time saved!)
  7. ... Profit!


Free Trial

There is a 5-day free trial available through the subscription link. I hope you enjoy using MJDownloader!

Paid Plan

All features with unlimited usage are available on $5/Month and $50/Year plans (saves $10)


What Our Users Say

"An automatic keep of all my creations, and they’re easy to find! I love using MJDownloader!"

- Ricardo A

"This bot has made managing my Midjourney art so much easier!"

- Jesse G

"Makes bulk downloading fast and easy without having to think about it."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the bot?

Follow the installation guide in the 'How It Works' section.

How is the subscription managed?

You can subscribe from this page, or within the application. From there, the subscription can be managed from General Stripe Dashboard or Your MJD Dashboard

What if my preferences file gets corrupted, or the application won't start?

Delete the preferences.json file and relaunch the application. This will re-generate your preferences file. The default location is C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\MJDownloader\

Where are tags being generated?

As of now, tags are being added to the JSON record within the promptImagePairs.json file within the logs folder of the Output Directory

I'm not seeing many tags on my images, why is that?

Tags are generated currently based on the prompt alone, and uses similarity matching to identify possible tags from the tag_library.json. You can add more tags to that file to be eligible for automatic tagging based on your prompts. The default location is C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\MJDownloader\

Is MJD available for Mac OS?

Unfortunately it's only available for Windows right now, but maybe in the future...

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If you have any questions or need support, feel free to reach out to us: